911 2021

Top Gun

Special edition, custom engraved AR-15, D.P.M.S Red, White and Blue from Timber Creek. Signed by Tanto, Boon, Tig, Fite (Wounded Warrior) 13 hours Benghazi. Provided by Top Gun Shooting Sports.

CGC Kinetico

Drinking water filtration system with reverse osmosis process. Top of the line K-5 unit installed by CGC Kinetico to ensure pure, clean water for your home.


Pain Free Life Centers

Pain Free Life Centers is providing 11 treatments with their state-of-the-art laser therapy program. They are reducing and eliminating pain in a non-invasive manner.

Brain Life Center

Wellness basket which includes an assessment and consultation at Brain Life Center where they offer non-invasive, non-medical, drug free solutions for sleep, anxiety and more.

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