Weekday Programming

12:00am (M) Contemporary Christian Music
12:00am (T-F) Night Vision Pastor George Bogle – 313-836-7732
3:00am Contemporary Christian Music
3:30am Body of Christ Christian Center Pastor Kenneth Tate – 313-491-2102
5:00am End of Age 800-363-8463 or www.endtime.com
5:30am Telling The Truth 800-889-5388
6:00am Grace to You/Family Talk
6:30am **Bible Answers LIVE Pastor Doug Batchelor 916-434-3880
7:00am **REAL RADIO WITH JACK HIBBS 877-777-2346
7:30am Truth For Life Alistair Begg
8:00am Turning Point Dr. David Jeremiah
8:30am Renewing Your Mind 800-435-4343
9:00am Contemporary Christian Music
9:30am **Insight for Living 800-772-8888
10:00am  The Alternative Tony Evans – 800-800-3222
10:30am Love Worth Finding 800-274-5683
11:00am Living God Ministries www.livinggodministries.net | 719-400-5253
11:30am **Focus on the Family 800-A-FAMILY
12:00pm Jay Sekulow Live!  aclj.com
1:00pm Pathway To Victory 866-999-2965
1:30pm Telling The Truth 800-889-5388
2:00pm Truth for Life Alistair Begg
2:30pm Turning Point  Dr. David Jeremiah
3:00pm The Bob Dutko Show Simulcast
4:00pm The Alternative
4:30pm Real Radio  877-777-2346
5:00pm NARROW PATH With Steve Gregg www.thenarrowpath.com
6:00pm End of Age 800-363-8463 or www.endtime.com
6:30pm (M-F) Rebroadcast of Renewing Your Mind 800-435-4343
7:00pm The Alternative
7:30pm Love worth Finding
10:30pm Morning Light Rebroadcast
5:00pm **NARROW PATH With Steve Gregg www.thenarrowpath.com
11:30pm Grace to You/Family Talk (alternate days)
11:45pm (W) City Scope
[There are no radio stations in the database]