The Paul Edwards Program

Paul Edwards has been a host on Detroit radio since 2001. His guests have included some of the most notable names in politics, culture, sports, and media: Mitt Romney, Martin Bashir, Christopher Hitchens, Joe Lieberman, Jim Lehrer, Emilio Estevez, Judy Woodruff, Chris Matthews, Jennifer Granholm, Jon Meacham, Willie Horton, Ernie Harwell, Kay Warren, Beth Moore, Os Guinness, John MacArthur, among others. 

Paul engages guests in a conversational style, sincerely interested in the topics his guests have come to discuss. He majored in history and theology at Grace College & Seminary in Winona Lake, Indiana. He relates faith and spirituality to culture with an ability to winsomely avoid the divisiveness characteristic of our present public discourse. Paul’s voice can be heard in the 2010 movie Stone starring Robert De Niro and Edward Norton. Director John Curran used actual voice tracks from The Paul Edwards Program in the movie.

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